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I'm not sure what might have brought you to my little corner of the internet here today, but I felt compelled to share a brief explanation of what Easter means to me. This Sunday April 16, 2017 is the most significant day of the year for Christians and for our's Easter!!! Easter Sunday is often referred to as Resurrection Sunday. Good Friday is the day marked in history as the day Jesus died on the cross taking our sin and shame with him forever but that wasn't the end of his purpose and life lived on earth. On the 3rd day Jesus was resurrected and fulfilled every prophecy written about the one who IS the Messiah. According to the Bible, Jesus' death was a sacrifice for the sins of others, but his resurrection represents something even more powerful: the potential for rebirth, salvation, and renewal of faith. Because of his resurrection we now have access to eternal life and a life of renewal here until our final breath. Jesus is my Savior. I would be lost without Him. I would be crippled with fact at one time I was. But Jesus set me free. So, this Easter like every other I truly am thankful. Jesus is always worth celebrating, but Easter is a beautiful time to really take hold in your heart and contemplate all he has done. There's a God in heaven that loves you today and a risen King named Jesus that gave his all so you can have a resurrected life.

Not only is Easter one of the most significant weekends for us but as Pastors it's also one of the busiest. We have a helicopter candy drop Saturday morning (it's as fun as it sounds trust me) and I love this event we do for the community. I also love the rush of adrenaline I get each year because I literally am praying the entire time that the helicopter stays in the air and doesn't come an inch closer to the crowd...ha! Don't worry we hire pros...yeah, I'm THAT mom. We offer 5 different opportunities to attend our Easter services and a special Good Friday service as well. Then at some point on Sunday with our shoes kicked off, cloudy with exhaustion and running on caffeine we have a family dinner with an egg hunt. I never seem to take enough time over the weekend to actually take good pictures. Of course we get the staple family shot of us real quick outside between services (which will probably make it to Instagram this Sunday) but no cute ones of the kids in the outfits I work so hard to put together. I have therefore decided to do a mini photo shoot with the help of my fiend Andi of Zoe's Easter dress from Carters and her little romper from Janie and Jack for the egg hunt.

Something else I wanted to share is a website that I'm obsessed with. It is called Guys it's like HomeGoods or TJ Maxx at your finger tips. It has daily deals that are amazing and a variety of items like cute clothes, home decor and kids clothes. I always like to make sure I share new favorites with you all💕 Enjoy the pics below and have an amazing Easter celebration!!!!!!! Remember, it's truly all about Jesus.

**Disclaimer- I did receive an item from in exchange for this review but I would never share anything with you that I didn't personally love or believe in.**



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