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I know the obvious thing to say is that Christmas is my favorite...but it is. I just love everything about Christmas. I play Christmas music in my car non-stop starting the day after Thanksgiving and of course when "Jingle Bell Rock" comes on we turn it up and sing as loud as we can. Our family loves watching movies together and we have a list we watch each Christmas. Naturally it starts with ELF and then Home Alone. Next is a toss up between all the Santa Claus movies and Polar Express. We make a big deal about the Holidays and I love the memories that are distinct with each passing year.

I love to decorate for Christmas and honestly the amount of decor I have has grown over the years. In our first house we bought a real tree until Mia was old enough to crawl and eat the fallen needles. Our real Christmas trees don't make it too long in Florida and I could never remember to water it anyway. When we moved into our new house the ceiling was taller and I wanted a 9ft tree to fill the space in my formal living room. Then about two years ago I realized when we would be in our family room we didn't get to enjoy the glow of the tree lights while we watched movies together. One thing after another and now we have three 9ft trees and 1 in each kids room. A total of 6...well 7 if you count the baby tree on Zoe's dresser:) I call the one in my formal living room my "fancy tree", the one in my dining room my "fun tree" and the one in my family room my " Pottery Barn wannabe tree". My husband was so sweet and made it a point to tell me how beautiful he thought I made our home this year. That meant so much to me and my kids constantly tell me how much they love it's always worth the work it takes.

I hope you enjoy a little tour around my home for the holidays. Grab some hot cocoa, turn on Michael Buble's Christmas album and hopefully be inspired!

This gorgeous sign was handmade by my friend Andi. Visit her website and Etsy shop here.

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Let me know what you think of my take on Christmas this year and feel free to ask me any questions about where you can find some of my decor. Send me a comment on Instagram or leave one below. I LOVE reading all of your comments!!! Merry Christmas!


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